About Us

We have been providing lawn care services in the west metro since 2002. Getting our start as general labor at age 14 at a local apple orchard in Medina we were asked to come back on Saturdays to mow the yard.

That was nurtured and grown to a size of 4 lawn crews, two chemical applicators, irrigation design/install and maintenance team, certified arborist with 2 tree climbers, and a dedicated landscape division. In the winter we handled over 600 driveways, 4.2 million sq feet of asphalt and 1/2 mile of city streets in Plymouth PER EVENT!


As happens, life had a funny way of changing everyone's best laid plans. Married in 2015 and quickly having 3 children (Grace 2016, Jacob and Garrett 2017) Tom and his wife Maria decided to Downsize and take a step back to spend more time at home. Having the luxury of seeing the kids grow has been a blessing, and seeing the milestones will be a memory cherished for a life time. Steps have been taken and systems have been put in place to streamline backend operations while retaining key employees to make the name Liberty as pertinent to us as it is to you!

You will find that our communication has improved. Now providing emails when pertinent services are to be performed and giving you the option to use a client portal to access your account to directly communicate and update your profile.


Moving forward the focus will be with the rewarding relationships that the residential market offers. Even through the growth of the first endeavor it was the bond between homeowners and Liberty that kept us coming back for more. Bringing the vast knowledge of servicing everything from multi million dollar homes to 22 acre 162 unit townhomes to you, there is not much we can't handle in house.

You will get experience unmatched in a residential market. We may be so bold to say, Patrick Henry said it best;

"Give me LIBERTY or give me death!"