Golden Ticket

Please read the terms and conditions below

Golden Ticket give away!

1 in 10 could win season FREE

How it works: When you sign up for and eligible program once we have 10 accounts in your designated area, 1 of those accounts will be selected at random to win that service's value. We will continue to award as many winners as there are denominations of 10. So, 1 in 10, 2 in 20, 10 in 100 and so on. Truly the sky is the limit!

Who is eligible: Anyone in your designated area, city/neighborhood depending on geographical location. Both current and new accounts will be entered in to win. Winner(s) will be drawn at random and past winning does not affect your odds.

How it is awarded: Winner will be awarded total cost of service (Up to $360 value for Fertilization/Weed control and $400 for High Density Snow Blowing) in form of a credited balance. Client must finish out season to redeem balance. After season is complete remaining balance may be applied to any other service that Liberty provides.

How do we know who won: Once the drawing has taken place, Liberty will send an email to all eligible clients letting you know the winner. In addition we will post on social media. The winner will also receive a "Golden Ticket" lawn stake in place of our normal marking.

Eligible services: High Density Snow Blowing, Residential Snow Removal and 6 Step Fertilization/Weed control Packages will always be a part of this promotion. However, Liberty may offer some other services from time to time.

Auto Renew: If you choose to enroll in one of our other services using the credit you were given, that service will auto renew as well as original service. Any service can be dropped with a written email to

Cashing Out: Your account will be credited up to $360 for Fertilization/Weed control and $400 for High Density Snow Blowing. If you have had service for a portion (example: Step one of six completed and charged) of your services you may end up with a credit at the end of the season. This credit can be used for ANY of Liberties services. Winnings are not redeemable for any cash value. "Golden Ticket" value may be transferred to a different account and services will be auto renewed the following year.

Canceling Services: If services are canceled prior to end of season services your balance will be zeroed out and refund will be forfeited.