Hanover Hills

If you’re looking for Snow removal, Snow Plowing, Lawn Care, Mowing, Fertilization, Weed Control, Aeration, Overseed, Sod integration, or Mosquito Control in the Hanover Hills neighborhood in Hanover, MN then you’ve come to the right place!

Liberty Lawn and Snow is a locally owned business that takes pride in using the best equipment and crews, to deliver the best looking and safest property in the neighborhood! We provide services year round in the Hanover Hills in Hanover Join your neighbors and find out why Liberty is the most recommended company in the area.

We know that Hanover Hills is a newly built neighborhood and many of the homes have new sod. We are the only company that has devised a plan to integrate your new sod to your homes soil. Sod is grown in a sod farm in full sun, on perfect soil with all the water it needs and fertilizer that is illegal to use on your property. Without proper integration your investment of up to 10k may start to decline and die. Our program is designed to keep your turf healthy for as long as you own your home.

It is our intent to bring High Density Snow blowing to the Hanover Hills Neighborhood. This is a proven Canadian modal of snow removal that replaces conventual plowing with tractor mounted snow blowers. It is so efficient that we are able to offer a superior service for less than most companies charge for the antiquated plowing service.

Over the years we’ve serviced thousands of properties for homeowners and businesses from Hanover to the surrounding west suburbs.