Core Aeration


Soil Amendment

3 Individual Services, 1 Phenomenal Result!

​​​ Mechanical Core Aeration

​​What is Mechanical Core Aeration?

Mechanical Core aeration is a must for lawns in our area!   It will pull small cores that are pivotal in the health of your turf as well as helping in the process of your overseed.  Core aeration holes are 1/2 inch wide, 2-3 inches deep, and 2-6 inches apart. 

​​What benefits will I see?

Spring Aeration - 

Fall Aeration - 

When is the best time to core aerate?

​We recommend core aeration twice a year.  While it is the same process your lawn will benefit form different aspects of the service at different times of the year.   Aeration works best in the spring and early fall which is conveniently the best time to seed.  If you make this a part of your annual process we promise you will have the best lawn on the block!


What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of adding new seed directly to your existing turf.  This process will help with drought resistance and density.  We highly recommend that you pair Overseeding with Core Aeration. Post aeration is the optimal time to encourage new growth in your lawn.

Why does my lawn need overseeding?

Using your yard is tough on it, combined with heat of the summer it may take a beating.  Bi-annual overseeding will introduce new variations of seed that are more drought, disease and insect resistant.  If your lawn was sodded originally you will need to introduce seed that is right for your individual yard.  Your sod was grown in perfect soil, with fertilizers that are illegal for you and I to use, and zero shade.  While it was beautiful and dense when it was installed you will need to overseed to ensure it stays that way!

How will my lawn benefit from overseeding?

When is the best time to overseed?

We recommend overseeding twice a year.  If you make this a part of your annual process we promise you will have the best lawn on the block! The best time to overseed your lawn is in the spring & fall, done with spring & fall aeration.

Soil Improvement - 100% Organic

What is Soil Improvement?

This application is 100% Organic slow release granular rich in nitrogen, biosolids, humic acid, and gypsum to unlock your soils natural potential. 

Why is it important for my lawn?

Our area, which is mainly clay soil, benefits from these organic nutrients to assist in the process of growing lush healthy grass.

How will my lawn benefit?

Who needs Soil Improvement applications?

Everyone! Although being obvious to many that ALL new construction needs soil correction, it should also not come as a surprise that ALL northwest metro soil needs continued nutritional assistance to grow healthy turf grass.