Fertilization/Weed Control

3 Great Programs to Choose from!

Special Warning about the new to our area European Chafer!

There is a new grub to Minnesota and it is rapidly moving into our area!  First found in Hennepin County in 2020, this grub is larger and more aggressive than the Japanese Grubs we are accustom to.  They also have a longer in ground lifespan which mean they feed for a longer period of time on your grass' root structure.  It is because of our extensive continuing education that Liberty is on the forefront of looking and treating for these pests.  First year treatment is offered free of charge when enrolled in our Platinum Package.  Read the U of M article here: European Chafer Grub 

Liquid applications include our exclusive Rain Shield which protects our product from being washed away from rain or irrigation in a matter of minutes!

Our 6 Step program is broken down by step further down this page.

Platinum Package -

This package is designed to develop the best lawn in the neighborhood, it is perfect to help combat drought as well as incorporate your new homes sod.  You will be enrolled into the following:

Premium Package -

This package is the same as the Platinum Package minus a few services.   Designed to maintain density you will receive an application for Japanese Beetle Grubs but not for the new European Chafer Grub.

Basic 6 Step Fertilization/Weed Control Package -

This package offers our basic fertilization and weed control.  Great if you are looking for a weed free lawn and are willing to aerate and overseed on your own and are willing to risk damage from grubs.  (Please let the office know if you intend to overseed as we will need to adjust your program)

What's in our Basic 6 Step Fertilization/Weed Control Package? 

Step 1 of 6

Liquid Fertilizer and Crabgrass preventer- yep we all do this step.  

What make us different?

Our liquid Fertilizer is an instant shot of nutrients that is readily available to wake your lawn up in the spring, similar to your morning cup of coffee.  We also include treatment for broadleaves including hard to kill creeping Charlie and over 200 weeds.  Your first app of crab grass preventer will also be applied. 


Step 2 of 6 (Done same visit as Step 3)

Liquid blanket spray for broadleaf and crabgrass... grassy weeds  (optional)- Sound familiar-kinda?

What makes us different? 

This is where we shine!  While most companies will just treat for a broadleaf and some of the good ones will spot spray for crabgrass, we pull out all the stops on this step.  We will blanket spray your entire yard for crabgrass, allowing for your healthy turf to fill in the bare spots which they might otherwise have to fight for.   

Pretty cool huh?  However, as the late Billy Mayes would say, "But wait, there's more".  

We will give you the option to have your lawn treated for grassy weeds at no extra cost.  Poa? Foxtail? Creeping Charlie? Established Crabgrass?  Yep they are on the list of grasses that are knocked out.  There are a few grasses that only a non-select herbicide (Round-up) will take care of like clumping tall fescue and will not be affected.  

We only suggest this option if you have a healthy newly (last few years) laid sod yard.  Why?  While your yard may often look green it may not be full of the desirable grasses you love.  This aggressive application will kill those grasses allowing for a healthy turf to regenerate.  If you have a seasoned lawn, and want the best results and are willing to undergo Chemo on it, life will be better once the cancer is cut out.  English please!  It may make your lawn look worse at first, but like a phoenix it shall rise again!  

Step 3 of 6 (Done at same visit as step 2)

Granular fertilizer- Can't possibly be anything special here, right?

What makes us different?

On the Contrary!  Let's build that good turf that made it through round 2,  turn it a deep green for the world, and Google earth to see!  It is one thing to point it out to your neighbors but when you become a landmark, like, turn left at the gorgeous lawn you know you have arrived!  This round will use a polymer coated 30-0-10 with 7% iron.  Arnold Schwarzenegger  himself would be jealous! With an XCU polymer coat this product will be around for the long haul.

Step 4 of 6 (Done same visit as step 5)

Liquid blanket spray for Broadleaf, Crabgrass...2nd undesirable grasses - Really crabgrass? At this point?  

What makes us different?

Crabgrass ranks right up there with lima beans, we can't stand it.  Ask around, is anyone else going to these measures to make sure you don't have those things you paid to get rid of?  The second application for undesirable grasses is also an option but will only be applied if you have read, understood, and signed off on the first application outlined in step 2.

Step 5 of 6 (Done same visit as step 4)

Granular fertilizer-Just as Arnold promised - I'll be back!

What makes us different?

The same awesome fertilizer used in round 3, what more needs to be said?

Step 5.5 of 6????

Core aeration/overseed.- Not part of the program.

While this is not part of the program, this is the perfect time to core aerate and overseed your yard to loosen the soil and promote the desirable grasses we are working hard to make flourish.

Step 6 of 6

Liquid Blanket Spray/Winterizer- Back to everyone's doing it.

What makes us different?

This shot of liquid fertilizer is like an energy drink for your lawn.  Let's give it the energy it needs to combat the ravishes of winter.  Oh, and we have not forgotten about any weeds that might try to make your lawn their home.  We will continue to treat over 200 varieties of weeds.  

Yeah...So pretty serious of the your program huh?

We are so proud of this program we will not deviate from it.  If you are looking for a lesser program with fewer steps we will be happy to refer you to one of our other trusted vendors.  While they are fully capable of making your yard nice it will not be the same caliber as the product you will receive with us.  We have thought long and hard on this, but we want our lawns to stand out from the competition and this is the way to do it.  We decided not to water down this package we have spent so much time developing.  Long story short, we won't do 3 steps, we won't do 4, and heck, we won't even do 5.  That is how proud of this program we are and how much we believe in it.  Hopefully, you see the value in it too!

Landscape beds and hard surfaces

Unwanted weeds are the quickest way to give your property an undesirable look.  Not only do they make your property unkept but they may actually be damaging it!  Did you realize that when a weed grows in a surface you don't want it to, like a sidewalk or driveway crack, it actually opens the area up for further problems?  As those roots take hold it will separate the surface or underlayment.  Let us put you on a program to make sure those problems don't exist in your property from the start!  Check out or Landscape package here: Landscape Bed Package 

Grub Control and Tree Care.

Treating Grubs is not only beneficial to the health of your turf because that is where they grow and mature but, is key to keeping mature beetles from further feeding on your trees.   The larvae will feast on your grass' root structure while trees foliage will be the target once mature.

Liberty has had a certified arborist on staff who developed a fertilization program specifically for us.  We can fertilize your trees via foliage, soil drench, root injection, or direct arbor jet system.  We are also able to be proactive in treating for ash borer using some of the same methods.  In winter we can trim your trees to give you the best looking and healthy structure possible.  Did you know that a tree that is not trimmed and thinned is less likely to survive a storm?

Special Requests

We often get special request for non selective herbicide for everything from riding rings to gravel driveways.  All too often these can vary in the state of how many weeds are prevalent.  Special requests will be handled on a per gallon request of $11/gallon applied.