High Density Snow blowing

High Density Snow blowing is a proven model that our neighbors to the North in Canada have been using for decades and is just starting to become popular here in the states.  We have taken it one step further and incorporated another industry leading service in brine.  Used together you will see results on your private driveway that commercial sites are spending thousands to achieve.  All for typically less than what you are used to paying for your antiquated service.

The key to success of this model is having density of accounts along with specialized equipment that make us so efficient that we can offer prices other "traditional" snow removal companies can only dream of touching. 

Why make the switch to our blowing service?  Here are a few reasons:

Safety-  in a cab mounted tractor we can see 360 degrees around the machine.  We can see the cutting edge as it drops to the ground and our operators are facing forward when they enter the street.  There is no more guessing where our equipment is relative to objects and heaven forbid, loved ones.

Safety- With snow blowing there are no piles at the end of your driveway.  No more creeping out and hoping no one is coming barreling down the street as you try to enter.   We never have to touch anything but your driveway, thus there are no damages to your lawn! 

Cost-  With 1.5" trigger rates starting at just $549 for an entire winter season (November 1st to March 31st) you will not find a plow service who will come out all season long to service your site for that rate.  Did we mention we even take care of city plow windrows free of charge if we beat them to your neighborhood on a 6" or larger event? 

No Headaches- If getting rid of your headaches during winter was not enough, we carry it over into spring as well!  IF we do damage your turf we won't just come out to "repair" it we will go the extra mile and hydroseed it!  Most companies will just come out spread dirt and seed and call it good.  We have trained irrigation techs to repair irrigation before we repair and hydroseed the damaged area- good luck finding that someplace else!

The brass tacks - HOW MUCH!!!

Introductory rates as low as $449

Rates are November 1st to March 31st

Single Car Garage

Introductory Rate - $449

Standard Rate - $499

-20 Degree Deicer - $135

Hydroseed damage - $0 

Double Car Garage

Introductory Rate - $499

Standard Rate - $549

-20 Degree Deicer - $150

Hydroseed damage - $0 

3 Car Garage

Introductory Rate - $499

Standard Rate - $549

-20 Degree Deicer - $170

Hydroseed damage - $0 

Custom Driveway

Rates will vary 

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What's the catch?

Normally we would agree with you, something this good has to have a catch.  While there are a few things we will be up front about we don't see them as a catch.

We don't offer shoveling -  While this one may be an issue for some, there is a simple reason for this.  Efficiency. We will be on your driveway in most cases for less than 180 seconds.  The time it would take to involve a shoveler in the process would negate any efficiency we gained by investing in equipment upwards to $100,000 per unit.  There is a chance we can put you in touch with a vendor who may do the shoveling, we will leave that transaction between you two however.

Services are Prepay - We strive to have the best operators in the best equipment.  By prepaying we can do both.  Equipment is upgraded frequently, operators are paid higher than industry standards and have a bonus structure in place to make Liberty a destination for skilled labor.

We require a Credit Card on file - While trunk services are included in your prepaid amount, there may be the occasional ice storm, drift clearing or other unforeseen event that is not covered.  In these cases Liberty may service your home and charge your card directly as services are rendered.  Of course, you will receive an email prior to anything taking place.  

Staking your drive - The marker at the end of your driveway will always be free of charge.  We will also mark the edges of your driveway we may see as pertinent.  Feel free to add any extra markers if you like.  Markers will remain in place from November 1st until April 15th or lawn repairs will be negated.      

Let's get Started!