Complementing any yard is easy to do with the right balance of soft and hardscapes. We will listen to you and find out what your true desires are. To some it may just be a top dress of much to spruce things up in the spring while others may want a fresh new start with a complete tear out. Whatever, your vision is we will work with you to achieve it!

Mulch Installation

From 3 to 30 yards of mulch we are able to handle every size job. With many different variations to chose from this is a quick way to show the world you are ready for summer to arrive! There is no cheaper and quicker option to give your property an instant curb appeal. While we are able to install all season long we suggest you get your order in early in March as spring installation spots fill quickly.

Landscape Rock

Let's face it, rock is heavy and hard to move. It is a daunting task for anyone to undertake, and getting it to the back of your home might as well be getting it to Fargo. No one wants to do this job, however, with our specialized equipment and skidloaders we can take the pain out of this chore almost completely-almost!

The benefit of landscape rock is it does not have to be top dressed on a yearly basis like mulch. Homeowners who choose this option would rather spend more upfront than to pay for a service on a annual basis. With many sizes, shapes and colors a rock type can be found to compliment any home.


Softscapes??? Yeah this is a fancy way of saying planting things like flowers, shrubs and trees. This is another area Liberty excels. We will listen to you and ask questions to get to know you and your personality. If it comes up in casual conversation that you are a Vikings fan don't be surprised to see some variation of purple and gold in your proposal. Big fan of butterflies, or concerned about the be population? Yep, Liberty has you covered in that too!

A new client of ours asked for annual flowers to be planted at the base of their newly installed flag pole. We found out though organic conversation that the husband's father fought in the Marines in WWII and that is why they took such pride in that flag. We took that information and ran with it. You guessed it, they loved the red and yellow annuals we installed which are colors associated with the Marines. We might dare to say someone was even a little choked up over it!


While some hardscapes are for pure enjoyment and aesthetics others can serve a very important role in safety and ability to use your yard. Knowledge in installation for either is key to having your new landscape looking neat and structurally sound for years to come. Knowing when a soil correction is needed or geogrid should be installed is something that only experience can offer. While you will find cheaper options in your install you will not find a greater value.