Landscape Bed Weed Control

4 Application Program

How the program works -  

4 applications throughout the summer to prevent and kill any unwanted grasses, weeds, and vegetation in your landscape beds giving a manicured look.   If you have a bed that is overgrown we would be happy to give you an estimate to clean it up prior to starting this program.  

Step 1 - Early Spring 

Pre and post-emergent designed to give summer long protection from new weeds from germinating.    This step is important anytime throughout the year regardless if you start mid season  

Steps 2,3,4  - Throughout the summer 

Return trips to target any unwanted vegetation that has been able to break the pre-emergent barrier.  

Why Choose Liberty? 

There is a very good chance that we are on your property already as over 90% of our clients who sign up for this package also have our 6 step fertilization and weed control package for their lawns.    Our crews have training and experience that is unmatched in the industry having done acres of landscape beds over the years.