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Core Aeration

Mechanical Core Aeration:
Unlocking the Health of Your Lawn

Mechanical Core Aeration is a game-changer for lawns in our area, a vital practice that extracts small cores of soil crucial to turf health and overseeding success. The resulting holes, measuring 1/2 inch wide, 2-3 inches deep, and spaced 3 inches apart, bring a multitude of benefits.

Benefits of Spring Aeration:
  • Loosen Compacted Soil: Enhancing soil structure for improved root growth.

  • Increase Density: Build your lawns density early so you can enjoy it during the summer months

  • Water Retention: Aids in water retention, vital in preparing for the upcoming summer heat.

  • Root Stimulation: Natural stimulation of root growth for a healthier lawn foundation.

  • Thatch Reduction: Reduces thatch, allowing nutrients closer contact and enhancing the effectiveness of your fertilization program.

  • Ideal Germination Pockets: Creates pockets for new seeds to germinate under optimal conditions.

  • Water Bill Reduction: Reduces watering needs, promoting water efficiency.

Benefits of Fall Aeration:
  • Dense Lawn: Improves lawn density with an enhanced root structure.

  • Optimal Seeding Conditions: Provides ideal conditions for new seed germination during the prime seeding season.

  • Fungal Infection Prevention: Reduces the risk of fungal infections during the approaching winter.

  • Soil Decompaction: Loosens compacted soil for continued soil health.

  • Ideal Germination Pockets: Creates pockets for new seeds to germinate under optimal conditions.

We recommend core aeration twice a year, with spring and early fall being the most opportune times. This conveniently aligns with the optimal seeding periods, promising the best results for your lawn.

Elevating Your Lawn's Resilience

What is Overseeding? Overseeding involves adding new seed directly to your existing turf, a process highly recommended in conjunction with Core Aeration for optimal results.

Why Does Your Lawn Need Overseeding? Regular use and summer heat can take a toll on your lawn. Bi-annual overseeding introduces new seed variations that are more resistant to drought, disease, and insects. If your lawn was sodded, overseeding becomes essential to maintain its density and beauty as sod may decline in area that don't replicate where it was originally grown.


Benefits of Overseeding:

  • Increased Density: Achieve a lush, full lawn.

  • Weed Reduction: Crowd out unwanted weeds naturally.

  • Tolerance to Traffic: Enhance the lawn's ability to withstand foot traffic.

  • Improved Color: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

  • Drought and Disease Tolerance: Strengthen your lawn's resilience with seed that has been engineered to withstand greater challenges in todays climate.

  • Deeper Green: Today's seed has been engineered to be a deeper green.


Making this an annual practice ensures your lawn stands out as the best on the block. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate a lawn that's not just green but vibrant, healthy, and resilient year-round.

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