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Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Spring Cleanup 

Our Spring Cleanup program ensures a pristine outdoor space by blowing out landscape beds, entryways, and hard surfaces to eliminate lingering leaves from the previous fall. For a thorough finish, we vacuum your lawn and, if necessary, haul away debris (a small charge may apply for debris removal if on-site disposal isn't available). Please note that stick pickup is not included in the program but can be arranged separately for an additional charge.

Fall Cleanup Made Effortless

Our Fall Cleanup programs offer multiple site visits to guarantee we service your property before any surprise snowfalls. We will blow  leaves from landscape beds, entryways, and hard surfaces then proceed to vacuum the lawn and, if necessary, haul away debris (charges may apply for debris removal without on-site disposal).  A discount can be provided if you have on-site disposal or we can blow leaves directly into a woods.

Understanding Thatch:
The Green Dilemma

Thatch is the accumulation of lawn clippings and debris in your grass, forming a protective layer. While some thatch is beneficial, preventing water loss and inhibiting unwanted seed germination, an excess can pose problems. Too much thatch hinders water and sunlight penetration, creates a habitat for pests and diseases, and stifles the growth of desired grasses.

Dethatching Unveiled:
Tackling Thatch Head-On

Dethatching involves the removal of excess thatch from your lawn. Our commercial mowers, equipped with front-mounted tines, effectively "rake" up this buildup and bag it, with an option to haul it away if on-site disposal isn't available (additional fee may apply)


When and How Often to Dethatch?

In Minnesota, where Kentucky Blue Grass is predominant and tends to accumulate thatch quickly, annual dethatching is recommended. Spring stands out as the ideal time for this process, setting your lawn up for success throughout the season.

Why Choose Liberty:
Equipment Matters

Choosing Liberty means opting for efficiency and savings. Our commitment to using top-notch, well-maintained, commercial-grade equipment ensures that every job is completed swiftly and effectively. Trust Liberty for your clean ups or dethatching to not only enhance your outdoor space but do so with the right tools for the job.

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