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Weed Control

3 awesome Lawn Care Packages to choose from:


At Liberty, we grasp the unique needs of our local market concerning soil types and conditions, which is precisely why we've tailored our programs accordingly. Let's explore the distinctive features of each package:

Basic Fertilization/Weed Control Package:


The Backbone of all our packages, this is designed to give you a healthy weed free lawn all season long.  It is Ideal for those who prefer a DIY approach to aeration and overseeding. 

This package includes 6 services done in 4 convenient visits.

What's in our Basic 6 Step Fertilization/Weed Control Package?

Step 1 of 6 (Visit 1): Kickstart your lawn with a liquid fertilizer and crabgrass preventer. What sets us apart is our instant nutrient boost, including treatment for broadleaves and over 200 weeds, while treating crabgrass before AND after it germinates.

Step 2 of 6 (Visit 2):  Apply a polymer-coated granular 30-0-10 fertilizer with mind boggling  7% iron to turn your lawn a deep, envy-inducing green. 

Step 3 of 6 (Visit 2):  A liquid blanket spray treating for Creeping Charlie and over 200 other weeds, while treating grassy weeds at no extra cost. We will also address any crabgrass issues a second time.

Step 4 of 6 (Visit 3): Let's talk about our granular fertilizer – it's packed with so much iron that even Schwarzenegger would envy it. This blend is a game-changer for your lawn, delivering a deep, envy-inducing green like no other. With a 30-0-10 mix and a hefty 7% iron content, your lawn will stand out as a bold and vibrant masterpiece. Get ready to turn heads and impress both your neighbors and Google Earth.

Step 5 of 6 (Visit 3): Another liquid blanket spray to combat crabgrass and undesirable grasses, ensuring a weed-free and lush lawn.

Step 5.5 of 6: While not part of the program, this is the perfect time to consider core aeration and overseeding for soil improvement and turf density.

Step 6 of 6 (Visit 4): And to wrap up our winning formula, we have the final touch – a liquid blanket spray winterizer that's instantly available for your turf's root structure. This last boost before winter arrives ensures your lawn is well-prepared and fortified, ready to face the challenges of the colder months head-on. It's the perfect finishing touch to keep your lawn thriving and resilient all year round.

Premium Package:


A Streamlined version of the Platinum Package with a focus on maintaining density, our Premium Package offers the following services:

  • Industry-leading 6-step fertilization/weed control program

  • Treatment for the Japanese Beetle Grub

  • Organic Slow Release Granular Soil Improvement

  • Fall Core Aeration/Overseed

Platinum Package:


The ultimate lawn transformation designed to cultivate the best lawn in the neighborhood, our Platinum Package is perfect for combating drought and incorporating new sod for your home. This all-inclusive package includes:

  • Industry-leading 6-step fertilization/weed control program

  • Treatment for the newly discovered invasive species European Chafer AND Japanese Grubs 

  • Organic Soil Improvement using 3 products delivered in both a blanket spray and granular

  • Spring and Fall Core Aeration/Overseed tailored to your property

At Liberty, we're serious about the quality of our lawns. Our program may be intense, but that's how proud we are of the results it delivers. We believe in standing out from the competition, and this is the way to do it. If you're looking for excellence, look no further than our Platinum, Premium, and Basic 6-Step Fertilization/Weed Control Packages. Your lawn deserves nothing but the best!

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