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Mosquito and Tick Control

Discover the ultimate solution to make your summer days more enjoyable with our comprehensive mosquito control program.  We provide six applications strategically designed to keep your yard mosquito-free throughout the entire season.


Our safe and effective products are the same as those integrated into the fabric of your favorite outdoor clothing, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outdoor experience.

In the short-lived summers of Minnesota, where every sunny day counts, there's no need to tolerate being held hostage by pesky mosquitoes and ticks. Our specialized mosquito control services are not just about repelling these annoying insects; they're about creating a sanctuary for you in your own backyard. By applying our proven methods, you can reclaim your outdoor space, hosting gatherings, barbecues, and relaxing evenings without the constant buzz and irritation of mosquitoes.

With the beauty of Minnesota summers comes the responsibility to make the most of every warm day. Don't let mosquitoes dictate how you spend your time outdoors. Embrace the freedom to enjoy your yard to the fullest, surrounded by the serenity of a mosquito-free environment. Choose our mosquito and tick control program and savor the sweetness of summer without the buzz and bite.

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