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Organic Soil 

Soil Improvement -
Unleashing Nature's Potential, 100% Organically

What is Soil Improvement? Our 100% organic blend of blanket spray and granular application is a nutrient-rich blend containing nitrogen, biosolids, humic acid, and gypsum. This powerful combination is designed to unlock the natural potential of your soil.

Why is it Important for My Lawn? In our primarily clay soil area, this organic boost plays a crucial role in nurturing the growth of lush and healthy grass. It's a key solution to combat the challenges posed by the local soil composition.

How Will My Lawn Benefit?

  1. Deeper Green Grass: Enhance the vibrancy of your lawn.

  2. Improved Grass Seed Results / Soil Fertility: Optimize seed growth and overall soil fertility.

  3. Improved Root Health: Foster robust root systems.

  4. Improved Turf Health: Promote the overall well-being of your turf.

  5. Regulated Soil pH: Correct acidic and alkaline soil properties for a balanced PH.

  6. Neutralizes Winter Salt Damage: Mitigate the impact of winter salt.

  7. Natural Decompaction of Soils: Encourage soil decompaction through increased microbial activity.

  8. Improved Drought Resiliency: Strengthen your lawn's ability to withstand drought.

Who Needs Soil Improvement Applications? Everyone! While it's evident that new constructions require soil correction, it's equally important to recognize that all lawns in the northwest metro region benefit from ongoing nutritional assistance. Whether establishing a new lawn or maintaining an existing one, our Soil Improvement application is the secret to cultivating thriving turf grass.

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