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Special Weather Related Service Announcement

With the hot dry weather we are seeing a lot of unirrigated lawns enter dormancy. Our services will continue as normal. The last thing to go dormant are weeds and our granular fertilizer has a protective coating so it will be ready for when moisture does arrive giving your lawn the nutrients it needs as soon as possible. 

 Your lawn can go dormant (brown) without water for up to 6 weeks. After that threshold is met it may start to die. Dormancy is not a bad thing, as it is a way your lawn protects itself. Once a lawn has entered dormancy we recommend keeping it there unless you intend to continue to water it and keep it from going dormant again. Entering and exiting dormancy numerous times can be stressful for your lawn. If your lawn is dormant it is still important to water it so it does not die. Water it twice a week for 30 min. 

 Things ALL clients can be doing:

 1. Raise your mowing height or take the week off!

Longer grass has deeper roots, deeper roots are able to reach moisture at a greater depth that is slower to dry out. Raise your push mower to it's highest setting. Liberty is cutting it's lawns at 4".

 2. Turn up your seasonal adjust

If you have an irrigation system turn up your seasonal adjust. This is typically as simple as entering the option on the controller and increasing it. You may need to increase it by 100% or greater in order to get a stressed lawn back to lush green. Once it has a shiny green hue you can back the water down. Adjust as needed. 

3. Water your lawn with cycle and soak method

If you can, water your lawn twice in the evening or early morning. Simply turning up your seasonal adjust on your irrigation or running your sprinkler for a longer period of time may mean that you are throwing money down the drain. By letting the water soak in before adding more it means that more water will reach deeper depths. Some lawns may be able to save up to 20% on your watering times. 

Weather conditions always effect our scheduling and workload. We're shooting for your schedule date but it may be delayed by a business day or two depending on conditions.   Thank you for understanding that this is a fluid process and impossible to give you an exact time.  

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