Irrigation is a pivotal part of making sure your turf is healthy and cared for. This service in tandem with weekly mowing and fertilization will promote growth and build density in your grass that would make the grounds crew at Target Field envious.

Irrigation is much more involved than just turning on you system and walking away. It is the goal to act as nature would and reach the soil to a depth of 3". We are not just trying to get the surface wet but several inches beyond. This will encourage your grass' roots to grow deeper and thus healthier and more drought resistant. That's right, by watering correctly we can actually use less water and save you money!

Many companies don't know about or just don't use the cycle and soak and seasonal adjust features on your controller. Both are pivotal in making your system efficient and are easy for you as a homeowner to use. We will send out emails to let you know our recommendations throughout the season, of course if you are not comfortable in making these changes yourself we would be happy to schedule a service call.

From typical conventional homeowner systems averaging 5 - 8 zones to the 82 zone, 22 acre 2 wire system with flow control, master valve, and 3" main line Liberty is fully capable of handling them all. We can even install a port to connect to outside your garage so you no longer need to be home to have your system serviced.

The added benefit of having all services done by one company inhouse is hard to quantify. Often we can point out, and repair any issues even before you are aware of issues.


We offer services tailored to your needs. From a simple one time blow out to daily monitoring from reports from your smart controller our team is ready to take on your property!

Winterization only- If you are the confident hands on type and only want us to do a blow at season's end we are happy to get you on our schedule.

3 Step system maintenance - A popular package with residential homeowners is our system start up, mid season check and winterization.

6 Step system maintenance - The standard in the commercial world this process includes your start up, 4 monthly checks and a winterization.

Daily monitoring - With this option you need to have a smart controller along with a flow zone installed. This allows us to monitor your systems water usage and check for broken lines or heads. In addition we can make changes including adjusting your cycle/soak, seasonal adjust, run times and start times. Some cities will give a discount on your water bill if you have this installed.

Service calls for repairs start at $95/hr and will be billed time and material with 1 hr minimum. A before and after picture can be requested of work performed.

A 1 year warranty will be extended on all parts and labor as long as Liberty is the only one to perform service on the system-homeowner included.

We start our blow outs mid September and through proper turf care your root system will be more than sufficient to carry your lawn into winter.

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