Front mounted tines

What is thatch?

Thatch is a layer of built up lawn clippings and debris in your lawn.  While some thatch is good as it will prevent water loss and keep some unwanted seeds from germinating, too much can be problematic.  Too much thatch will actually prevent water and sunlight from reaching the soil, create an environment for harmful pests and diseases, and choke out the desired grasses 

What is dethatching?

Dethatching is the act of removing excess thatch in your lawn.  Using front mounted tines on our commercial mowers we will "rake" this excess thatch and haul it away if you do not have onsite disposal available.  A small fee may be applied if haul out is required.

When and how often should I dethatch

This depends largely on your location and type of grass you have.  Here in Minnesota we have mostly Kentucky Blue Grass which tends to build thatch quickly.  While proper mowing techniques will limit the amount that is produced you should plan on dethatching annually.  Spring is the best time to dethatch as it sets your lawn up for success for the rest of the season.

Why Choose Liberty? 

 Having the right equipment is pivotal to getting a job done quickly and efficiently saving you money.  All of the equipment we use is commercial grade and well maintained.