Mosquito Control

6 Application Program

Understanding Mosquitos and why is it important? 

 Mosquitos are the deadliest creature on the planet spreading diseases world wide.  Minnesota is no different, with our abundance of water we have a perfect breeding ground for these pests.   In order to combat them one must first understand how they breed and what it takes for them to complete their life cycle.  Females are the only ones that bite.  They inject a small amount of anti-coagulant to keep your blood flowing,  this creates a small allergic reaction which is why you get a small bump that itches.   No matter the measures you take, be it layers of clothes, covered in mosquito spray or expensive mosquito catchers these little things will always crash your party.   This is due to them being attracted to your very existence.  They seek out carbon dioxide when you breath, and expel naturally from your body.  This is why some people seem to be bit more than others.  

What is Mosquito Control? 

 On a calm day Mosquitos need to land approx. every 15 ft.  This means that when your party starts these little vampires have been waiting just around the corner for the time to be right.   By in large it is not the mosquitos from 4 doors down who will pay you a visit.  Our 6 step process will treat trees, shrubs, and landscape beds in your area to control adult and larvae alike.  This will also create a barrier for mosquitos entering into your area and when they need to land this will be their demise.   Keep in mind that eggs can wait around for years before hatching and large rains may create a spike in activity.   For even better results get all your neighbors on our plan to create an even bigger protected around you!

Flea and Tick Control? 

You will not only reap the benefits of fewer mosquitos but you will also be controlling fleas and ticks in the area.   With the rise in lymes disease your furry friend will thank you and could very well have a healthier happier life.  Both of these pests can enter your home unannounced usually by catching a ride on your pet.  Once inside they can reproduce freely and can cause rashes or a host of other issues to you and your family.  

Why Choose Liberty? 

We are your neighbors.  We are a small locally owned business that prides ourselves in seeing you at the local gas station.  Unlike mosquito only companies there is a good chance we are familiar with your property already as we might provide other services to you already.  We use backpack misters which can pinpoint trouble areas as well as give a broad spectrum if that is what your project needs.